Harvard University

Political Psychology (Undergraduate)

Spring 2015: syllabus, lectures
Spring 2013: syllabuslectures
Spring 2012: syllabus, lectures
Spring 2011: syllabuslectures


American Politics Field Seminar

Fall 2012: syllabus
Fall 2011: syllabus
Fall 2010: syllabus


Political Psychology (Graduate) 

Spring 2015: Syllabus




Experimental Political Science

Spring 2012: syllabus
Spring 2016: syllabus

Political Geography

Spring 2013: syllabus
Fall 2017: syllabus




Proseminar on Inequality and Social Policy: III

Fall: 2015: syllabus

Sophomore Tutorial in Government

Spring 2018: syllabus
Spring 2016: syllabus


University of Copenhagen


New Perspectives on Political Behavior

Winter 2014: syllabus, lectures