Photo by Riley Carney


With CNN, I discussed my research on immigration and Trump's victory (December 28, 2016). 

The Washington Post covered my research on faces and elections in the context of Trump's aversion to mustaches (December 27, 2016). 

My research on voter turnout was discussed in the American Prospect (November 23, 2016).

I discussed the future of Obamacare with the Boston Herald (November 10, 2016).

In the wake of the Trump victory, my research on responses to immigration was discussed in Vox (November 9, 2016) and Washington Post (November 11, 2016).

Eitan Hersh and I wrote about research on candidate expectations in the Monkey Cage in the Washington Post (November 7, 2016).

Harvard Gazette interviewed me about the election causing stress among voters (October 20, 2016).

My research was discussed in the context of white identity politics and the rise of Trump in The Conversation (October 20, 2016).

Research on the ground campaign was covered Vox (November 1 and October 7, 2016), National Review (October 4, 2016), and The Weekly Standard (September 19, 2016).

I was quoted about data and campaigning in Digitalist (September 22, 2016).

The Washington Post covered my research with Anthony Fowler in the context of the Trump campaign (August 25, 2016).

The Boston Herald quoted me about the Clinton email scandal (July 6, 2016).

The Pacific Standard covered my research with Anthony Fowler to describe problems with the Trump campaign (June 24, 2016). 

Vox quoted me about the implications of Bernie Sanders nominations to the Democratic Platform Committee (May 24, 2016).  This was covered again by Vox on July 1, 2016 and CDA News (July 3, 2016).  

The Washington Post and OC Register reported my comments on gender and the 2016 Presidential election (April 27, 2016). 

Slate covered my research on racial threat (April 17, 2016).

Noam Gidron wrote about our research and the public policy implications in Israel for Haaretz (April 11, 2016).

Political Analytics 2016 was covered by the Harvard Gazette (April 6, 2016).

The Dallas Observer discussed my research in the context of Texas' shrinking white population (March 16, 2016).

The New York Times quoted from my Twitter feed after the South Carolina Presidential Primary. (February 20, 2016).

I discussed Donald Trump with the International Business Times (February 19, 2016).