Along with Meredith Dost and Jennifer Hochschild, I wrote about accusations of racism and Trump in the Monkey Cage Blog in the Washington Post (12 August 2019).

I was quoted in the New York Times about Trump’s racism (21 July 2019).

I talked about my book and more on the Political Philosophy Podcast (14 July 2019).

Vox again quoted my Twitter account about the consequences of recent Supreme Court decisions on partisan gerrymandering (27 June 2019). This was picked up by NPR’s WGBH, Orlando Weekly, Lansing City Pulse, and Smokey Mountain News.

Vox quoted my Twitter account about measuring the role of sexism in elections (17 June 2019).

The Huffington Post talked to me about racial attitudes among white millennials (2 June 2019).

IQSS profiled my work on partisan segregation and DLABSS (24 May 2019). wrote about my work in partisan segregation (20 May 2019).

I talked to the New York Times about polarization (27 February 2019).

The Harvard Gazette on the Government Department Climate survey (11 February 2019). My oped in the Harvard Crimson (6 February 2019).

My book was reviewed in Danish (January 10, 2019).